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AFL Gather Round itinerary – Your guide to cafes, wine bars, breweries and gin distilleries in Adelaide

Updated: Apr 17

AFL Gather Round brings footy fans to Adelaide from all over the country.

We have the local knowledge to ensure that you know where to go before and after each game.


This blog will feature all the best cafes, wine bars, breweries and gin distilleries in Adelaide.


Adelaide city is full of great cafes, wine bars, breweries and gin distilleries.


Demons, Bombers, Eagles, Swans, Dockers, Blues, Bulldogs, Cats, Magpies and Hawks fans will all get to watch their teams play at the Adelaide Oval.


As a supporter, it’s important to stay well hydrated, well caffeinated and in good spirits, even if your team is losing.


So here is your guide on where to go. First up breakfast.  


My Kingdom For A Horse

My Kingdom For A Horse does the best coffee in town and their brunch options are delightful. Make sure you try their Tiramisu waffles.


Mascavado Café & Pâtisserie

Mascavado Café & Pâtisserie does the best Iced Matcha in the city. Make sure you try their croissants because they are heaven.


Peter Rabbit Cafe

 Peter Rabbit Café is your place to go for Mimosas, but also breakfast jugs of beer. This is aimed at Collingwood fans still nursing a premiership hangover. That house deposit has been spent on Peter Rabbit’s smashed avocado with absolutely no regrets. Best smashed avocado this side of the city.


Next up are the wine bars.


La Louisiane

La Louisiane is a French-inspired restaurant and bar with one of the best wine lists in the city. Make sure you try the Trousseau from Alpha Box & Dice. This is a great representation of South Australian wine.


Leigh Street Wine Room

Leigh Street Wine Room has over 400 bottles of wine to choose from. Make sure you try Yangarra Estate’s Old Vine Grenache, which won the Australian Wine of the Year award.

Clever Little Tailor

Clever Little Tailor is a very cool wine bar with a great selection of South Australian and international wine. Make sure you try the Moon Juice Sangiovese from South Australia’s Riverland.


Next up are the breweries.


Mismatch Brewery

Mismatch Brewery has a great selection of beers and it's well worth getting a paddle to try them all. Make sure you try their Hazy Lager. This has a lovely passionfruit flavour with a tangy finish.


Pirate Life Brewery at The District.

Located inside the casino, Pirate Life Brewery was created in Port Adelaide and has a deep connection to the Port Adelaide Football Club. As a Crows fan I was determined not to like their beers, but unfortunately they are delicious. A bitter pill to swallow. What isn’t bitter is their pale ale. Make sure you try it because it’s very refreshing.


Next up are the gin distilleries. There's just one on our list, but it's near Norwood Oval.


Reform Distilling

Reform Distilling is located near Norwood Oval and is perfect for Lions, Kangaroos, Tigers and Saints fans to ensure before or after their games.  Make sure you try the Limoncello. Made from Barossa Valley lemons this is the perfect way to celebrate a win.


We hope this blog has been helpful. Go the Crows.

Partner n Wine at an Adelaide Crows game
Partner n Wine at an Adelaide Crows game


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