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Your Ultimate Guide to All Things McLaren Vale—Wine, Tours, Tastings, & So Much More

Since moving to McLaren Vale after COVID, we have spent most of our days exploring the finest wineries (when we're not with our beautiful baby girl, of course), so we can confidently (or arrogantly) say that we know the region pretty well.

After falling in love with the region, we decided that it would be a shame not to show it off. This is why we now offer custom McLaren Vale wine tours to help other wine enthusiasts like us discover the hidden gems of this beautiful wine region! More than this, though, we're passionate about sharing our knowledge and love of McLaren Vale's rich wine culture with others who appreciate it just as much as we do!

When we first visited all those years ago, we were just as overwhelmed as you probably are now by the sheer amount and variety of wineries that lay perched on the rolling hills of McLaren Vale. Lucky for you, this blog will explore the top wines produced in the area, our favourite venues to visit, and the different wine tours in McLaren Vale that we offer! If you're considering booking a trip here and are looking for guidance on what to drink, where to visit, and how to make the best of your time here, keep reading!

Our Favourite McLaren Vale Wines

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, McLaren Vale wine region churns out some of Australia's best (in our totally unbiased opinion, of course) red wine varieties. The warm days and cool nights work their magic, creating perfect conditions for bold and flavourful reds like Shiraz, Cabernet, and Grenache to shine. However, if you prefer something lighter, McLaren Vale has got you covered. Besides its renowned reds, the region is also home to some stellar Chardonnay and other unique varietals like Fiano and Vermentino.

Although our preferences change as new cellars come out with new varieties, our favourite reds at the moment are the Grenache from Samuel's Gorge, SC Pannell’s Montepulciano and, of course, we can't go past Brioni's Blend by Oliver’s Taranga. On the white wine front, some of our top picks include Hugh Hamilton's Drama Queen Sparkling, K1 Wines Gruner Veltliner and the 2022 Chardonnay from Varney Wines.

For more unsolicited and completely biased opinions, don't hesitate to check out our blogs on the best and most affordable red wine varieties in the region.

Our Favourite Wineries In McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale has over 85 cellar doors (yes, 85!), so it’s safe to say that we understand you when you tell us you’re overwhelmed with the amount of options. Luckily, we’ve come up with our top four wineries (at the moment) so you can narrow down your choices and make the most of your visit.

Hugh Hamilton

At Partner N Wine, we are nothing if not consistent, which is why Hugh Hamilton Wines will always be among our top recommendations when it comes to must-visit wineries in McLaren Vale. A favourite amongst many of our guests who join us on our McLaren Vale wine tours, Hugh Hamilton Wines is adored for its 270-degree panoramic views and reputation for producing some of the oldest, boldest Shiraz in the region.

Pannell Enoteca

There are too many reasons to list why Pannell Enoteca is one of our favourite McLaren Vale wineries. However, we'll enlighten you with a few. Pannell Enoteca is the perfect place to kick back and relax, boasting a spacious deck with spectacular views of the winery below. Here, visitors are treated to a range of quintessentially Mediterranean wines, meaning there is something for everyone. 

Berg Herring

Berg Herring is truly a one-of-a-kind winery. Less than a five-minute drive down the road from Sellicks Beach, Berg Herring is a converted heritage sandstone church turned cellar door. One of the most romantic wineries in the Vale, with $10 tastings and $35 bottles, Berg Herring not only serves up a bargain but also offers stunning ocean views. Open from midday to 6 p.m.; Berg Herring is our favourite places to enjoy a sunset glass of wine.

K1 Wines

With a picturesque lake on one side and vineyard on the other, it's no surprise that K1 Wines is a favourite among those attending our McLaren Vale winery tours. As you arrive, you are greeted by a long driveway overgrown with agapanthus and a boardwalk-style entry to the deck beyond. K1 wine embodies everything we love about McLaren Vale wineries: great wines, great tastings, great views, and great prices.

Our McLaren Vale Wine Tours

As Ernest Hemingway once said, "Wine and great friends are a great blend," and we totally agree. There is honestly no better way to enjoy wine than with great company. It's from this belief that we started up Partner N Wine. Providing a range of group winery tours around McLaren Vale, we offer you and your loved ones a unique experience to explore this beautiful part of the world and indulge in some great wines while you do it!

Twilight Tour

Our Twilight Tours offer a refreshing twist on traditional daytime winery tours. Join us on Friday evenings as we journey through the beautiful Fleurieu Coast. Beginning at 3 p.m. and finishing at 9 p.m., our Twilight McLaren Vale wine tours are perfectly timed for you to enjoy your favourite wine as you watch the sunset, returning you home a few hours later so you can still get to bed at a decent hour.

We best explain our Twilight Tours on our blog, so for more info, check that out here.

Designated Driver

You call the shots on where you want to go, and we'll take care of the rest as your dedicated driver. All you have to do is make the bookings, sit back, and enjoy the ride! We'll handle all your return transfers to and from up to four wineries, breweries, or distilleries. If you're looking for a private wine tour in McLaren Vale but want to take charge of it yourself, our designated driver service is exactly what you're after.

For more information about our designated driver service and prices, click here or give us a call!

Event Planner

If you're booking a trip to McLaren Vale and craving a day of wine tastings but feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices, let us take the reigns. Just let us know your preferences, and let us handle the rest. Just 45 minutes from Adelaide, booking one of our wine tours around McLaren Vale is the perfect way to spend a day out of the city. For more information about our event planning service, click here.

Premium Pairing

At Partner N Wine, the only thing we like better than a deluxe wine-tasting experience is a wine tasting paired with mouth-watering canapes, charcuterie boards, and chocolate truffles. Yes, we just said chocolate truffles. More than just its wine, McLaren Vale is also known for its abundance of locally made produce, and there's no one we trust more to showcase these flavours alongside McLaren Vale's best wines than our favourite wineries.

To book our Premium Pairing McLaren Vale winery tour check out our bookings page, or click here for more info. 

Girls enjoying a sunset at Ekhidna Wines
Girls enjoying a sunset at Ekhidna Wines

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