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Is the d’Arenberg Cube worth visiting?

Consume any marketing material about South Australia and you cannot escape a five story Rubik's Cube that sits proudly amongst d’Arenberg’s vineyards in McLaren Vale.

d’Arenberg is so heavily marketed that some people don’t realise that South Australia has 18 different wine regions and 199 other cellar doors within one hour of the city. 

d’Arenberg is certainly an interesting concept and if we were tourists in South Australia we could see why people would be intrigued.

Yet could this shiny rubix cube be a tourist trap?

There are mixed reviews about this cellar door and while some people love the quirkiness, others prefer a more intimate experience.

Like most things in life, it's never as good as it seems, nor is it as bad as it seems. 

The cube is quirky, it's out of the box and the artwork is thought-provoking. 

Yet, part of its popularity could also be its detriment.

When visiting the cube you do have to share the experience with a few hundred other people and even though it's not the intention of staff you can become just another number lost inside this five story structure.

While their premium range of wines are tasty, so is everywhere else.

In our opinion d’Arenberg's tastings are not in the upper echelon of wines that comes from McLaren Vale. 

After all South Australia is where 80% of Australia’s premium wine is produced. There’s no shortage of incredible wine.

One of the stand out wines from d’Arenberg is their Dead Arm Shiraz and while we enjoy this wine, it’s not something that blows us away. 

Melbourne has Fed Square, Sydney has the Opera House, Adelaide needed a tourist attraction. 

Yet like many tourism attractions, sometimes the beauty can be found in roads less travelled.

So, is the d’Arenberg Cube worth visiting?

We'll let you decide.

Have you visited the cube? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Partner N Wine tour vehicle in front of d'Arenberg cube


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